Sharing God’s transforming hope with kids and their communities through food, play and story.

We create environments within local communities where kids will experience hope through a daily meal, a safe place to play, and stories from the Bible. This leads them to build a relationship with Jesus Christ & multiply impact as we see kids sharing their faith at home, with their friends, and becoming young leaders raised up to repeat the cycle!

All it takes is an encounter with hope to make a lasting impact.

Together, our three programs meet both physical and spiritual needs of kids around the world. By providing meals, giving the gift of playgrounds, and making the Bible come to life through story, we are delivering hope and helping kids to encounter Jesus firsthand.

In partnership with groups and volunteers from all over the US, we package and deliver nutritious meals to malnourished children, providing what they need for physical and mental development, thus beginning to break the cycle of poverty.

With partnering organizations, we establish playgrounds in poverty-stricken communities, restoring the opportunity for kids to enjoy the kind of play that is key to their physical, emotional, spiritual and cognitive development.

We assist local ministries in creating environments that will effectively disciple children to Jesus. Through the Story Program, they hear Bible stories being told accurately and learn fun, interactive ways to experience and retell God’s Word.

Generation Hope

At the heart of our mission is the desire to see kids’ lives transformed by God’s love and a relationship with Him. Through Generation Hope, we are creating environments where this is happening. Partnering with the local church or community, we are establishing environments called “Hope Zones” in impoverished and under-reached communities around the globe. In these Hope Zones, kids experience the love and Good News of Jesus through Food, Play & Story.

Since 1994, and with your help, we have done big things!

Playgrounds Built
Million Meals Provided
Active StoryClubs
Hope Zones in 3 Countries

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Did you know that you can provide ongoing nutrition and much more for kids around the world…365 days a year?

By giving monthly, along with the critical meals, you will provide disadvantaged children living in challenging environments access to playgrounds where they can experience joy,  laughter, and healing from past stress and trauma. In addition, caring local field partners will share with them stories of hope and faith through our Story Program, helping kids step into a brighter future.

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