Playgrounds are more than metal or plastic.

Our mission is to create environments where kids can encounter Jesus. It may seem unlikely that a playground could accomplish such a feat, but for 25+ years we have seen the proof that it can be more than just metal and plastic.

Playgrounds communicate the value of the child and of childhood. They stand as a monument to the love that Jesus had for the children when it felt like everyone else was in conflict over their presence. Like Him, playgrounds inaudibly say, “Let the children come to me.”

By creating environments in communities, schools, orphanages, refugee camps, and churches where followers of Christ can meet kids where they are, we help our partners minister to young hearts in the season that matters most.

We have pored over the significant research that demonstrates again and again the power of play and the measurable outcomes it produces in the emotional, social, physical and academic well-being of a child. The longer we have invested in play, the more we have learned about its greatest impacts.

Play opens doors, drops barriers, expands minds, and heals wounds. These benefits are often what is needed most in places where the brokenness of this world hits kids the hardest through child labor and exploitation, neighborhood violence and war, or the limited resources available to children living in deep poverty. By strategically integrating play into areas of need, seeds of hope take deeper root and the opportunity for genuine harvest is realized.


In the mountains of Ecuador, where the church isn’t, playgrounds have provided church planting ministries with access to entire families through public parks where regular Bible story clubs can be held and outreach can be offered.


In schools throughout Haiti, where education combats poverty, Christian teachers are leveraging the proven relationship between play and academic success by unlocking creativity, imagination, problem solving, and critical thinking.


In the cities of Palestine, where trust between Muslims and Christians is rare, ministries are stepping into relationships with schools, local governments and communities by creating places where children of any faith can play together.


In the refugee camps of Uganda, where countless children have been forced to flee, playgrounds have created safe places where children can experience joy and laughter and where trauma response ministries can mend broken hearts.

We build playgrounds in both the US and abroad. Our domestic playground projects all rely on new products from US commercial brands. These are typically used at schools, churches, retreat centers, summer camps, and much more. For international projects, we can use new products, but our innovative “green” approach allows us to do much more for far less than a new playground would require.

We partner with playground manufacturers, playground installers, Parks & Recreation Directors, and school districts to locate quality playgrounds that are set to be removed and replaced. Existing playgrounds are removed and replaced for a number of reasons, be it grants, city policy, insurance lapse, rezoning, etc. We are committed to taking only playgrounds that have significant play-life left in them, which means that we don’t take every playground offered to us. Our harvested playgrounds are refurbished at our warehouses and made ready for years and years of future play for a fraction of the cost of new playgrounds!

While every playground project is unique, they all follow the same path from the original vision through the opening day. Our team will come alongside you from the start with some simple steps so that your dreams can become a reality!

Plan It

We gather as much information early on as possible about you and the group you will be working with on the ground. Some key pieces to this puzzle are always: How many kids? How big is the space? and Do you have firm dates in mind?

Design It

Based on the early information, we help you select the ideal playground equipment for the kids you are serving. Additionally, we work with you to put some of the early logistics pieces in place.

Fund It

Whether you have your own location in mind or you don’t, but want to help us expand our global work, we have several tools available to help you reach your goals.

Move It

Building playgrounds internationally means moving playgrounds internationally. We can help coordinate as much or as little of the logistics as needed. One thing to remember, though: shipping and customs takes time. So, if you have firm dates in mind, the sooner we can start, the better!

Build It

Whether you have a team to build it or not, whether they have building experience or not…even if you just want to go and build one…we can help get that playground up and packed with laughing kids! We are here to support whatever your vision looks like.

Get Involved in Play

Join A Global Outreach Trip

Serving others is one of the greatest adventures you can embark upon! We would love to have you along for the ride on any of our upcoming playground builds. Don’t worry; no building experience is required.

Build a Playground Locally

When we say “Around the World,” that includes right here at home. We work with schools, parks, churches, ministry centers, and more to provide new playground equipment, installed with volunteer power.


Share your contact info plus a few details about your project and we’ll get back to you soon to help get you started!


Lend a Hand

If you live in the Midwest surrounding area and you want to impact kids’ lives without getting on a plane, we have a wide variety of ways that you can get involved both individually or with a group throughout the year.


Share your contact info plus a few details and we’ll get back to you soon to help get you started!


Build a Playground Globally

If you have a place in mind — no matter where — let us help you get one step closer to bringing the gift of play to the children your heart breaks for. Or, let us help you find a place from our long list of partners.


Provide us your contact info plus tell us a few details about your project. One of our friendly staff members will get in touch with you to discuss all the details to help you get your project started.


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