Many of the welcomed children in StoryClubs have already navigated tough circumstances.  

Such was the case for one young friend, Peter, who attended this StoryClub in the DRC. 

Peter was born with sickle cell anemia. Living in Gemena, Democratic Republic of Congo, he had virtually no access to relief from the pain that plagued his body.

Peter and his friends regularly attended the StoryClub in their section of the city, where they enjoyed worship, play, and especially hearing and retelling Bible stories. They learned about God’s magnificent creation and the boldness of people like David facing Goliath. They heard stories of Jesus and His disciples performing miracles, healing the sick, and casting out demons.

Inspired by these stories, two of Peter’s best friends, John and Joshua, wanted to be like those in the Bible and decided to pray for his healing. Miraculously, two years later, Peter shows no signs of sickle cell anemia, healed through the prayers of two boys who wanted to be just like Jesus!

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