For those of you who are parents, when we tell our children something and they don’t listen, everything inside of us wants to scream: “I told you so!” One of the things that we tell people who go through the KIDStory training is that it is really important to find a group to start using the material with otherwise it will be another training that sits on the shelf.

When I first arrived here in Chennai, India, our India KIDStory Director, Mike Collins, had scheduled a lunch meeting with people whom he felt would make great KIDStory trainers – not just practitioners but those who would be willing to train others.

We started our time together by having people share some of the ways that KIDStory has transformed kids’ lives and the ministries they serve in. One lady began sharing how difficult her group was to teach. She was so frustrated until she discovered her KIDStory manual which she had put away and thought she would look at it later. As she began reviewing the material, she thought she may as well give it a try as nothing else was working.

Transformers!Within a couple weeks, everything was changing. The kids stayed focused during the lesson, they were remembering the stories weeks from when it was taught, and they began treating each other with kindness and respect which certainly was not happening before. She began sharing with the other church leaders about what was happening. They too wanted to be trained. So with manual in hand, she began training the other leaders in the Sunday School department. One lady confessed that she actually hated teaching the kids. A month after learning KIDStory, this leader couldn’t wait to lead the class and the kids excitedly came and greeted her. Lives – adults and children alike – are being transformed! (That’s why we tell people to start using what they have learned right away. I told her so! )

It’s time to finish packing as my flight back home leaves in just a few hours. The pictures in this update are from a VBS that I was able to be a part of this week. It truly has been a joy being here spending some extra time with Mike and Esther – our KIDStory Directors in India. Thanks so much for being a part of this journey with us and providing much needed prayers and encouragement!


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