Saturday, two volunteers and I made the trip down to Guayaquil and picked up 184 OneMeal boxes. Palo Verdes, Pen High, Fullerton, and San Clemente food packs are all here ready to be distributed. Yesterday we visited San Jose, a community on the end of the road where government assistance has yet to arrive. Due to the nature of the wood and bamboo construction, few homes in San Jose collapsed. The people are however out of work for the time being. 90% of Portoviejo and 70% of Manta’s commercial districts were destroyed in the quake. Unemployment is high. The people of San Jose are poor and we have selected them as one of our first OneMeal distribution sites. Over 250 people were registered yesterday and the other half of the community will be registered today. Our plan is to distribute to the registered families on Wednesday. We will leave them enough OneMeal packs so that each family can have one good meal a day for a week. Then we will return the next week, review progress, and distribute meals again.

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