A small group of students from Judson University put their storytelling skills to test on a mission trip to Belize.

“I recently went on a mission trip to Belize and had the

opportunity to apply what I learned in my storytelling preparation. I

was able to teach a group of about 30 kids the story of

Joseph. By doing the KIDStory Workshop I learned how to engage

with the kids through expressions, change in volume and by

asking questions. Many of the kids paid close attention to the

story and were able to remember it after we finished. I was

also able to learn more about what the kids were dealing with

personally and how I could make an impact through asking

questions during our small groups. Overall I learned how to

engage with my audience, teach kids more effectively and

help them grow spiritually.

I had two brothers, Jerriel and Edial who were always very

engaged in the story and participated in the questions very

thoughtfully…on the last night, I asked what their favorite part

of VBS was and one immediately raised his hand and told me

that they come to VBS because they just want to be with us

(our team). This really spoke to my heart and I felt like the story

telling and asking them questions really developed a sense of

community and love that is priceless.” 

“I was a part of the team that did the KIDStory workshop for our mission trip to Belize. At first, I was a bit skeptical and really overwhelmed. There was so much we had to do and remember. Going through the training gave us an idea of what to expect. The training truly did help us prepare for what we were going to do in Belize. While in Belize, the kids were so engaged during VBS and they remembered the stories really well. I believe the interactive story and the retells were beneficial for the kids in remembering what they were taught. Overall, the storytelling aspect for VBS went really well and would definitely be something to do again.”