Moses is a young Pastor who understands making an impact for God’s Kingdom requires patience and trust. Ten years ago his church in South Sudan plateaued at 10 women and 15 children and he started second-guessing his calling. Ready to leave the ministry, a friend came alongside him and encouraged him to stay, reminding him those 15 children were the future leaders of the Church. Moses chose to remain faithful, albeit, a little reluctantly.

Moses and his wife are among the displaced seeking asylum and eventually find safety in a Ugandan refugee camp. In July 2016, a KIDStory Workshop is held for South Sudanese pastors serving in the refugee camps. His restless spirit ends with his commitment to the Lord that he will return to the refugee camp and tell Bible stories to children. He was determined to create an environment like Jesus did, where children have an encounter with God and they are welcomed, loved and blessed – this led to Moses starting his first StoryClub.

Moses is currently in Pagirinya, Northern Uganda at a refugee camp. He is leading a StoryClub of 1000 children, gathering daily to be empowered by the word of God. Pastor Moses goal is to empower children with the word of God so those children can turn around and reach even more children. 

Hear more about Moses  and his mission http://drive.google.com/file/d/1qoEiAvL5GvFrEjSAKO4B9AwwepmxUNms/view?usp=sharing

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