Every project has a plan and typically they go about 90% according to that plan, but this one pretty much bottomed out on the scales of “according to plan”! A late shipping container is one thing, but to have it end up in the wrong country is another. Our container was visibly just across the water, in port, in Guatemala…not so helpful when you’re trying to build it in Belize. Not to be deterred, we set new plans in place for a late arrival, but still plenty of time for the installation process. The team was a part of a larger effort amounting to 150 men from The Grove Community Church in Riverside, California. We kept busy helping the other teams with their projects and as each day passed, our plans continued to change and our timeline continued to become more “adventurous”. Just as God waited until Abraham and Sara were over 100 and Jesus waited until Lazarus was undeniably dead, so too they chose to wait until the last second to see this playground delivered, that all would know its installation was only possible through a miraculous work of God’s will. At 10 pm the last night we were there, the installation finally began. With a small army of dedicated men, something amazing to behold took place in the living jungles of Belize. In just 9 hours, as the final bolts were tightened down, a completed playground took shape; its beautiful castle towers silhouetted in the morning sunrise. There was no denying it. God is faithful!