Moses is a pastor from South Sudan that has been called to make a big impact for God’s kingdom. Moses is currently in Pagirinya, Northern Uganda at a refugee camp. He is leading a StoryClub of 1000 children, gathering daily to be empowered by the word of God. As he is walking through the refugee camp to lead the children in the StoryClub for the day he comes across three children unaccompanied by parents. They crossed the border by themselves and are now living in a hut taking care of each other. Moses invited the twin girls and their younger brother to the StoryClub. After a few months of attending, the siblings wanted to be more involved so they asked Moses if they could help him lead the Storyclub. The trio did not stop at volunteering but instead replicated their own StoryClub near their hut to reach more children.

The use of KIDStory is easy for kids to learn and be a part of. They have fun with the activities designed to retell the Bible story. It is easily replicated to the point children can empower children.

See a StoryClub here StoryClub