Revisiting a previous site of a KIDStory workshop in Manila, Philippines. Kalayaan Ministry takes place at a dump site because of its central location in the community. The regional KIDStory director was able to visit the group again, not to train but instead to lead a StoryClub! After the KIDStory workshop last year the leaders began using the curriculum to teach the kids about God. The leaders in this ministry have a heart for reaching the youth. This ministry hosts three different levels of groups. The groups are segmented into age groups: ages 4-5  has a  class with 40 students, ages 6-8 has a class with 70 students, and ages 9-12 has a class with 40 students. The visit was requested for a follow up on the KIDStory methods. The leadership team is so burdened to reach the children they wanted a refresher on the teaching to replicate it and better their teaching skills. The children presently attending the StoryClubs have been learning the word of God while they play games, makeup drama skits, and sing songs. The children are enjoying the StoryClubs and inviting their friends to experience the word and love of God. The StoryClubs continue to grow! It is amazing to see how God is using the leaders to bless the children and change lives.

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