It is always amazing how a KIDStory workshop turns out to be more than an event. From a place where new skills are taught or a new approach or methodology shared, but rather turns out to be a change in people’s lives and perspectives as well. That has been the case over and over again. In fact, there have been times when whole churches have decided to change their approach to children and ministering to children as a result of a KIDStory workshop.

This is a brief testimony from a KIDStory workshop at Zion Christian Church Ministry (ZCCM)

During the KIDStory workshop at ZCCM, a couple of truths were shared by some of the participants, with respect to their decision to include more children in their ministry going forward. They said they have been excluding some children on account of their behavior. They did not know how to deal with it or them, and they were also neglecting children with any kinds of physical or intellectual needs. This is the approach many churches take to children who are poorly behaved or special needs, but this church is one of the many who has attended a KIDStory workshop and transformed. They have now decided, going forward, they will include all children, and not neglect anyone for any reason.