Retro Cafe was the site for our KIDStory Workshop in Siguatepeque, Honduras. Set up with Kids Around the World partner, Terra Mica.   Excellent coffee, a billiard table in the side room, and a lovely garden patio out back… not typical features at most workshops but maybe they should be. Twenty-one volunteers from five different Evangelical and Catholic organizations gather for a day and a half to learn how to effectively tell stories… God’s stories with the children they serve. What happened was God shared His story. As if children, we were all on the same level; you could not tell who was from where or what title they carry.  The Lord spoke to our hearts, informed our heads, and motivated our hands.

A highlight was on the second day, we randomly gathered at a local park and had a StoryClub with the children there. Watching small groups of kids spread across the park talking and the Trainees listening to them made the training worth it all. Kids are starving for someone to listen to them, someone who cares.