Every now and then the Lord works in ways that create history in a city or a state and this KIDStory workshop was one of those events in the state of Karnataka, for the Brethren Assemblies in the state. A little backstory, There are over 6,000 Brethren Assemblies across the country, and they are not usually open to anyone from outside the Brethren Assemblies coming and training their people – so this was certainly an exception to the rule. This was the first ever workshop for Sunday school Teachers of the Brethren churches. The organizers of the event were surprised by the response when they discovered some people traveled over 150 miles to get to the workshop.

It was an amazing act of generosity from the organizers at Elim Camp Centre. They have such a strong vision to reach children they were willing to sponsor the entire event, where they took care of all the expenses of the workshop, going so far as to not charge the participants anything for the workshop. There was an overwhelming response to KIDStory, the participants asked for a follow-up workshop next year.

The hand of the Lord was evident all through the preparation phase of the workshop and during the event itself. People expressed their immense gratitude for the workshop, which, for many was their first ever training they had attended. This workshop was a real example of what can happen when there is a vision for training leaders, the magnanimous provision by God’s people and the Lord’s leading and empowering all at the same time.


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