The host of the workshop, Church of the Nazarene,  was committed to partner with KIDStory Region Directors to train, mentor, and coach their teachers in the Philippines. It is one of the unique ways KIDStory is offered. The Directors shared with the church,  it is not just teaching the method of KIDStory but the full relationship of mentoring and coaching teachers for them to master the format and reach more children in the future. Another church that participated in the workshop shared their dilemma in children ministry. This church would also like to partner and host a KIDStory workshop in their church for pastors and teachers to identify the need of taking care and prioritizing children ministry. In addition, by equipping church staff with a strategy to reach the children.  After the method was discussed, the application was done immediately to let the participants master the method.  There were 35 children were present during that time and it’s amazing to see these youngsters respond to the story–they even sung a song after the training–related to the story.