One of the notable moments in this KIDStory training was when one of the pastors, Pastor Rajveer, shared on how being a Hindu child he was always stopped from going to Sunday school or to church yet he heard stories from his friends in school about each and they always excited him. He had his heart set to become a preacher one day. Even as an adult he was always discouraged by his family from joining the ministry. This went on to the point of three times he left ministry because he was so discouraged by his own people, but every time God used someone whom he barely knew to encourage him and bring him back. Today he is in ministry along with his wife and children. The same family who always discouraged him are now helping him with his ministry after seeing his commitment and faith to God. His childhood experience became the reason for him to get involved in children ministry and see the value of this ministry for the God’s kingdom.

After the KIDStory workshop, he is not only practicing what he learned with his ministry but also using it to teach his daughters every day in their family prayer time.

This testimony is truly touching. It is a good reminder of all the children who are discouraged by their families (especially in India) but all it takes is a committed teacher who leads the children in such a way that they become witnesses to those around them. Children need teachers and lessons they will not forget but rather share as future leaders of Christ

Personal Testimony from Pastor Rajveer

“Praise the Lord everyone!  I want to share that I really felt good coming to this training. We received incredible teachings on how we can minister to kids and how we can use various things to attract their attention before the lesson begins. In addition to,  a method of storytelling that helps the children absorb the story better and retain the story they learned. We can practice the way Jesus used stories and parables to teach people in how we teach children about God.”


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