Children pick up good and bad habits, lessons, morals and so on from a young age … to ensure children are being provided with the “good” mix ICM Covenant Church in India hosted a KIDStory Workshop to learn about the KIDStory curriculum. The Bible is the basis of KIDStory stories and curriculum. The Bible is the perfect book to receive knowledge of what is good and bad, right or wrong. The stories used in the Bible give the children a wonderful message that is better to learn from their early childhood stage.

After using KIDStory in the children’s ministry most of the children were interested in the re-tell section, this is the bible story being retold with a fun activity such as a song or game that helps the children remember the story, because they are using different methods learn the Bible story. It was observed at the time of telling the story…. children were slowly getting understanding but in the use of the re-tell section, they are quick to get involved and enjoy it.

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