As Martinson Elementary school planned to replace their playground they discovered they could donate the old one to continue benefiting other children. The Kids Around the World East coast office was happy to accept this gracious donation and already had a new home in mind for it: Jeremie, Haiti.

After the refurbishing process was complete the playground made its way to Emmanuel Children’s Village orphanage in Haiti.

The pictures do not do justice as to the excitement of these children as they gazed at a playground for the first time. The smiles give a glimpse of the joy these children were experiencing.

The playground was installed in an area destined to be a garbage dump. The lot was filled with trash but instead, this land was transitioned into a sanctuary for children. Similar to the playground that now resides there, it was restored into something new for children to enjoy as an alternative to throwing it away.

Every playground trip introduces new children to pray for. New children to never forget. New God sightings and amazing stories to take