Another beautiful story from the Nairobi KIDStory workshop of Nimo and Esther

Nimo went to a remote village in Uganda to lead a KIDStory workshop which Esther attended.  Esther had been to other workshops, but the techniques had proved to be ineffective when she used them in her Sunday School classroom.  She heard about the KIDStory workshop and decided she see if this technique might help her. Esther left inspired! Taking to heart all she had learned.

At that time, Esther’s Sunday School class had 20 children attending.  In a couple months that number went to 100. Esther was so convinced of what KIDStory was doing in her class she began using the methodology in the weekly devotion she gave in a local public school classroom. The children’s responses were incredibly positive, soon requests came from other teachers to do their devotion time.  In three short months, Esther is now reaching over 700 children with the Bible stories.


We are rejoicing with Esther and the incredible work God is doing in the lives of children she reaches out to.