It was a very impactful few days with Pastor Moses in the refugee settlement in Northern Uganda.  It is hard to know who has been most impacted! Pastor Moses continually expressed his appreciation for visiting to further the training for the 40 leaders who attended the KIDStory workshop and for the great number of children we did a StoryClub with.

This refugee settlement is different than others I have seen before.  Usually, there are tents lined up one next to another in tight confinement. At the Northern Uganda camp, it is different.  The Ugandan government has tried to keep the South Sudanese culture intact by giving the families space to build their small family huts on a plot of land measuring 30 square meters.  

Pastor Moses explained that once a settlement is filled, the next people to arrive are placed in another settlement even if it means separating family members. People choose not to register which may mean limiting the benefits they receive, but it is better than being separated from their families.

From an outward appearance, most children are happy and joyful.  There are those whom you can tell are still adjusting. You see it in their eyes and how unresponsive they are to any interaction. Some have wandered into the camp unaccompanied by any of their family and been adopted by strangers.  They live in their own hut but on a family compound as is the case of Rosemary and her siblings.