The Su Refugio team that gathered in Rafaela, Argentina are a diligent, selfless group of volunteers who give their Saturday afternoons to sharing Christ’s love with some very hurting children from a dangerous neighborhood.  Su Refugio has strategically placed themselves here, where gunfire literally crosses over their land from opposing gangs. This youth team members quickly engaged in the KIDStory workshop while the older ones wisely weigh every word the KIDStory leader said.  The payoff was day two when the team used the KIDStory strategies with the children. The 70+ children broke up into four groups based on their age. Dario, the policeman who leads a group of 12-16-year-old boys, said his group had never participated in the lesson so much.  Abril had two and three-year-olds retelling the story with her. Her team of teenage volunteers had the 2-5-year-olds captivated retelling the story for over 50 minutes. Chivi, the lead coordinator, said even her worst group surprised her as they remained focused and began answering questions with their leaders.  During our debrief the team was most amazed by the applications that the children had drawn for the story. The Holy Spirit was speaking to their hearts and the children heard Him loud and clear. We are excited to hear the stories that will come forth as the Word of God continues to penetrate little hearts and minds in Rafaela.


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