This is Venezuela. A flat of 30 eggs now costs a laborer two month’s salary.  Deodorant and toothpaste are a luxury if you can find them. People say “grace” over a slice of bread.  Crime is rampant.The future uncertain. Those who can, those who are young, flee the crisis with all their possessions in a few suitcases and no promise of when they might come home again.  This is Venezuela.

A clarity of what “really” matters… eternal things that do not perish nor can be stolen… over a hundred participants at our last KIDStory workshop pledging that they will begin to share God’s Stories with children around their homes… this too is Venezuela.

Kids Around the World has partnered to train 1,700 leaders from 219 churches and ministries in Venezuela since early last year.  The hunger for a practical, efficient, and effective way to share the Word of God is driving the demand for more KIDStory workshops.  Four hundred people are already registered for our next workshop coming up in June. It promises to be the largest thus far. Normally we keep workshops small, around 30 people, but how do you close the door on such hunger?

*Please pray and stand with us, believing that God will multiply the loaves in our hands and the loaves in the hands of our dear brothers in Venezuela.

Refugee Crisis  Click here to read more about the depths of the crisis

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