Embakasi is part of the greater Eastlands region of Nairobi, an area that harbors several slums and overpopulated low-cost-living neighborhoods. Crime and the abuse of drugs and alcohol run rampant in this area.

The Embakasi Pastors Fellowship, led by the eight leaders, has around 500 pastors registered into membership in the fellowship. The KIDStory team in Kenya was invited to vision cast KIDStory as a majority of the pastors expressed concern as they lead churches that unfortunately do not have a clear and intentional strategy to disciple children.  The chairman of the pastors’ fellowship shared how some of the children, teenagers, and youths have confessed to being involved in gangs and the only thing they feared was for their parents to find out. In concurrence with the chairman, most of the leaders said, “we are truly losing a generation.” When the leaders experienced KIDStory, they said, “this is an answer to prayer.” So as of now, plans are underway for this fellowship to host a major strategic KIDStory workshop for children’s workers from all over Nairobi to attend and then set up StoryClubs all over the area.