It started with a conversation with Bishop Benson Kimanzi who leads the Hope of Kenya Pastor’s Association. This is a network of nearly 400 pastors across Kenya who meet under this umbrella to bring hope through effective evangelism and discipleship endeavors. Bishop Benson had come to the conclusion that Kenyan church leaders need to have a plan on how to reach children. The next event they organized as an association would have people trained in the methods of KIDStory to use in their children’s ministry. 

 The area of Kayole is highly populated and there are low-income families spread all over. It has been known to harbor major criminals who have terrorized the residents of Nairobi. Often these criminals will recruit young men and women. often children, into the trade.  Through this training, the leaders learned about God’s heart for the children especially through the story of Jesus Blessing the Children. They expressed transparently sometimes their own strategies have stopped children from coming to Jesus because of using methodologies that do not work for the kids.


You can make a qualified charitable distribution by using the "Make a Gift From My IRA" tool through your IRA custodian or consult with your employer’s human resources department to get the simple form to designate Kids Around The World (EIN #36-4007250) as a beneficiary of your retirement account.

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