Dave and Shannon Edmondson started One Generation Alliance in 2010 because of their passion for Jesus and heart for orphaned and abandoned children. After years of directly supporting local ministries who care for the many children in distress and building a network for orphan care, One Generation Alliance refined its mission. It is now opening its own home! For the last two and a half years they have been working through the red tape, planning, and construction of this dream. When it came time to put the cherry on top, Kids Around the World was their first call. All they said was, “Give us something huge!” Huge is what we sent, but going into this build there were some serious concerns about the size of the team and their availability throughout the four days necessary to assemble this beast of a playground! In keeping with His common theme of blowing minds…God provided a team from the local church in Primo Tapia that was beyond amazing. Everyone had a true desire to serve these children…everyone down to a 76-year-old man that found the strength to lift a shovel and dig hole after hole. God shook up the process in astonishing ways, allowing the work to be accomplished in just half of the time…only two days work! The name One Generation Alliance is birthed out of a prayer that God’s favor would shine on this one generation of children, allowing them to significantly impact future generations. The goal is to show these children the love of God…knowing that the power of His love will dramatically shift the trajectory of their lives and break the cycle of poverty and abuse!