Sitting in the quiet and reflecting on everything that took place last week, the team leader from Ecuador shares about his encounters and experiences. 

” I’m overwhelmed with emotions and feelings: joy, satisfaction, tired, humbled, and sad. I do not know how to express in words what we just got to experienced. The people of “Cordero de Dios” are so thankful and gracious to the team and those who supported this mission trip. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Rest assured all the prayers were heard and the support is blessing hundreds of kids and families. The day started early as the team had an early dedication ceremony planned by the local church. We got to the site and started working right away on cleaning the playground… getting ready to receive over 100 kids that showed up to hear God’s word. Within minutes locals began joining in to help beautify the playground, set up for the dedication ceremony, and get everything ready for the VBS. It ended up being a massive production with flags, balloons, flowers, sound systems, traditional outfits (for the dances who performed for us), food, and even gifts for the team. It was so humbling to see them go all out to make us feel special and loved. The party carried on for more than two hours! It was the longest and most beautiful dedication ceremony I have been to. After the ceremony, they fed over three hundred people!  Jesus really multiplied the food. I even saw the locals walking trays of food down the street to neighbors or any pedestrian walking by. These people are truly showing God’s love in this community.” 


At Kids Around the World, we hope for everyone to have the same opportunity… to join a trip and see how God’s love can be displayed in so many forms. There are no words to describe what happens when you surrender to that still voice and say: “Here I am, send me!”