The Impact Team showed up late for church on Sunday morning after the 90-minute drive from their lodging to the remote build site in the Amazon basin. Greeted by a hundred happy faces, hugs and kisses, they went into the new building that was a simple roof the year before. These are Shuar people so most of the service was in Ashuar, their native tongue, with spatterings of Spanish mixed in. Following the service they met and lined out their plan for work. Monday would be one of the single most productive days in the team leaders 25 years of service in South America. The local volunteers had already dug half of the needed holes that they marked out on Sunday afternoon. That was huge because most of the 23 member team were busy with the other three projects. They had 150 people in the 2-hour home water filter training, 70 women in the health/hygiene workshop, and 120 kids in StoryClub activities. By 4:30pm the playground was together, tightening and concrete would wait for the next day. After this, 90 homes received filters and clean water training. Feminine hygiene kits were distributed for the women and ignorance dispelled. As they wrapped up the day the lead local man, Marcelo shared how he helped a team with a KATW playground four years earlier and later accepted Christ, now he was the key man who helped the Pastor build the new church. Seeds that bear seeds. Plant a playground…reap a harvest.