The participants of this KIDStory workshop interact with children on a daily basis.

They could easily practice what they learned at the workshop and share the Bible stories and lessons taken away from the workshop. Some of the children in the schools that will experience the lessons are Muslims and the KIDStory training will be a great tool to also evangelize and share the love of Jesus Christ with them.

One teacher shared how her teaching in Sunday school was also now impacting her own children. In response to this new way of sharing Bible stories, she would do more and have a greater impact on her own children.   

During the workshop, the teachers were greatly impacted by the retell section. They were creative and had fun in reacting the story by making a rope from banana leaves, proving that innovation does not have to cost anything for children to have fun. A teacher can think outside the box to make a Bible story even more enjoyable and fun for the children.

The story of Jesus blessing the children had a major impact on them. The teachers had a moment of reflection on the ways and instances where unconsciously they had stopped the children from coming to Jesus.

Upon leaving the workshop they had the ultimate goal of creating StoryClubs for the children they have easy access to in the school.