The Radach Lodge and Conference Center owned by Pastor Johnson has a very unique ministry model. Pastor John felt called to the region of Tamale to construct a ministry but not in the typical fashion. He did not plant a church or begin a Bible study instead he constructed a resort. This resort, due to the successful hospitality effort, has made money to employ over 90 staff members and supports financially many of the ministry endeavors. This resort also hosts a camp. For one week in the year, he stops all business, cancels all reservations, and turns this resort into a camp. He invites all the children from the villages around Northern Ghana to stay in the rooms and be treated like kings and queens. The children enjoy the facilities, eating huge plates of food, and playing on the grounds with the other children. When they return home they have an idea of what the love of God is like.

The playground build was specifically targeted around this week to provide extra joy for the children during camp. The children were celebrated and took full advantage of this new entertainment together.