Turen and its nearby towns its people is 70% very poor. Most of them are farmers from corn farms. Each town has 10 churches, there are many children in these villages.
Turen and the surrounding towns of Venezuela are incredibly poor, 70 of the people are impoverished. Many of the people in this area live as farmers. The communities may be poor in some areas but they are rich with churches in their towns. They also have many children in the villages which brought the desire for KIDStory.

At the end of the KIDStory workshop, the instructor was approached by a group of eight leaders, including a dentist and her husband who is a pastor, to tell him they would like to be part of the team training other churches. Praise be to God for calling people to come to the harvest as volunteers! This harvest is vast and the KIDStory team continues to pray for more workers. God is good! In the middle of all the crisis taking place in Venezuela, this is the very value the people of Turen need.  

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