It’s not a common occurrence where churches come together for anything, let alone a training program for children’s ministry; partnering is an idea we encourage a lot at KIDStory workshop. The KIDStory team was approached to conduct a KIDStory workshop for the Sunday School teachers of Bethel Gospel Church, the team requested they open up the workshop to other churches as well which they agreed to. Eventually, seven other churches joined the workshop and it was once again a lovely picture of the body of Christ coming together for the sake of children and the Kingdom of God.

Churches are constantly upgrading themselves with the latest trainings and methods that are available to be better equipped to reach children, this was the case with the churches attending the workshop. Despite the teachers attending previous workshops, many were blessed by the KIDStory methods.

A few personal testimonies were shared during the workshop:

One man said, “I’ve learned not to hinder the children during Sunday school.”

Another lady said she has learned to treat children with love and care like Jesus.  

A Pastor shared he learned to treat children equal in spite of caste and ability differences.

Another person said that he learned not to hinder our children from coming to Sunday school and to start a Sunday School in a new area.

Another person who is physically disabled and a teachers in Sunday School said, “I’ve attended several trainings in the past, and was just observing in the morning, but after attending the whole day, I realise this is the best training I’ve ever attended. I’ve decided to go back and start a kids outreach in a new area.”