The KIDStory workshop was coordinated by a local pastor in India who graciously invited other churches in the area.

The participants learned Biblical storytelling can be fun and interesting. Teaching children about the Bible can be the same experience. 

A few participants offered to share what they took away in the workshop:

“I learned how to bring children to Jesus, teach them from the Bible, and help them grow in their faith.”

“I learned if I am to bring children to Jesus, first I need to connect with them at a much closer level.”

“I learned a new strategy, new games, new skills – wish the training went on for a longer duration.”

‘This was a wonderful training – I learned how to ask questions, how to use music, art, games, videos etc to teach Bible stories.”

‘I did not realize until today there was so much one could learn from a single Bible Story.”

“Good teaching and presentation  appropriate for children’s ministry, useful training”

“A very innovative way to share the Bible Story with kids, interactive way to make the child think and reason, a beautiful way to present the Lord,  and a way for children to accept Him as the Saviour as the Son of God at their own free will”

” I learned how to tell a Bible Story without the children getting bored.”