When the team stepped into this build,  they knew it would be a special playground because it would mark the 800th playground installed by Kids Around the World globally. The excitement was high, even though the location would be a difficult one to access. After a five-hour truck ride over pretty extreme terrain (this area is prone to landslides) the team, finally hit the end of the drivable road and had to walk the rest of the way in. When the team arrived they discovered themselves high in the mountains with steep drop-offs on both sides with a beaming headmaster proudly telling them that this was to be the site of the new school and our playground! Without hesitation, they began building, which soon drew a crowd of both young and old. Surprisingly many of the more elderly onlookers seemed the most intrigued by the parts and the growing structure. With tons of local support (physical and moral)  the entire playground was done in one day, promising the community that they would return the next morning to open it. When the team arrived the next morning the elderly fans were the first on the scene, so figured that a bit of “You’re Never Too Old To Play” action was called for. The team invited a gentleman of around 85 years to try out the slide and without the slightest hesitation, he began his ascent to the top. His descent was marked with joy and hilarity. When he landed, he immediately pointed to his wife and insisted that she be next…which she was…with the same outcome. The ceremonial elements of the opening came and went, and the children played with laughter filling the air. All the while, the elderly woman sat beneath the playground, hands covering her mouth, eyes filled with tears, heart filled with gratitude.

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