When the time came for the official opening, the typical pomp and circumstance were nowhere to be seen. The Headmaster stood in front of his students and told them he was born here and when he became a teacher, he knew that God wanted him to stay there. When the earthquake came in 2015 he knew they were too deep in the mountains for the government to care for their needs, so he prayed for God to provide. He pointed to the school and told the children that God had brought Samaritan’s Purse to build this school and now this playground. He told them there were no officials here to receive glory for this playground or to have their name printed on a sign. He brought the children in closer and told them that this playground was dedicated to them, because they are special and they matter. Christians account for only 1.4% of the population in Nepal and this Headmaster lives his faith out loud for all to witness. In a nation that worships millions of gods, he paused before opening the playground to pray to just one God…giving thanks in humility for His constant provision and faithfulness.