As the final pieces were attached it came time to clear the site and begin cement. Within moments the school’s Headmaster had rallied the troops and we were inundated with kids in uniforms grading rocks, picking up shovels to dig, and hauling cement to the mini-mixer. For the next four hours, the team ballooned from 10 to about 50…ranging in ages from 5 to 60+. It is always a joy to see the local community come together, showing support and demonstrating ownership… This moment was a reminder of the many occurrences seen throughout Acts and the early church where communities of believers (often individuals that did not know one another) came together and supported each other. We hear about groups sending provision to other communities in need…or people opening up their houses to ensure strangers had a place to lay their heads. We hear that today and it seems like common sense, but this was so counter-intuitive to their time period…tribal communities did not (and still do not) act in this way unless it benefits them personally or their tribe. The act of loving and serving others with no intent or expectation of getting anything in return is more radical than you can possibly imagine…yet this is exactly what Jesus modeled in His life, death and resurrection…and exactly what He invites us into. There is more life to be lived in serving others than you can ever fathom!