In a country where 40% of the population is refugees from surrounding nations, hope is desperately needed here in Amman, Jordan.  Physically, emotionally and spiritually the people need God’s love and healing. Though the Christian population is such a minority, the churches are doing what they can to minister to their own people as well as to those in the refugee settlements.

Forty-five adults and teens from six different cities came to a non-stop two day KIDStory workshop in hopes of discovering a way to bring God’s hope through His Word and His Spirit.  They got what they came for! People left renewed and with a new vision for how God could work through them as they said, in their own words: ” We just need to bring them the truth through God’s Story and that’s what KIDStory is going to do.” There were some unique conversations and questions that came out of this workshop.  A teacher from a private school asked, ” Some children are so angry and they are very disruptive no matter what you try to do.  What if some of them try to disrupt you when you are telling the Bible Story?”

Another participant shared. “I am very confused.  We have always been taught that you should only present one application to the Bible Story.  You are telling us that we should let the children determine the application as they learn to listen to God.  Is it really okay to have more than one application – the children can decide on? I really like what you are telling us but it is so different than how we have been trained.  (Looking around as if to make sure no one hears her, she tells me:  I am going to do it this way – it seems so much better!” 

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