KATW Global KIDStory Director, Gary Strudler,  continues his travels onto Minya! He visited Minya a year ago to share about KIDStory and now he is back for a follow-up. His KIDStory workshop here brought 54 people from seven regional churches in addition to two ministries that traveled from Cairo. Six of these leaders are from ministries based in Cairo. One ministry is the largest church in Egypt (Kasr El Dobara  www.kdec.net)  and the other is Healing Grace (http://healinggraceministry.org)  This ministry is all about transforming Egyptian children and their communities through Jesus, education, and health.  What a privilege to be collaborating with both these ministries. Most of the attendees were in their 20’s and 30’s bringing with them a passion and drive to make a difference in the world. They all have heard about KIDStory and how powerfully the Lord has been working in children’s lives.  They come with anticipation believing what they have heard will also be true for them.

Since last year KIDStory has taken off in this area. When Gary left a year ago one StoryClub was created, now there are 37! There was one leader for the one StoryClub.  Now there are over 135 leaders serving in these 37 StoryClubs! Originally there were 30 children coming to the one StoryClub. Now there are over 850 children hearing God’s Word each week!

What will happen when all these leaders are unleashed and go back to their communities and raise up more leaders to start more StoryClubs?!!  It will be way beyond what we ever could imagine or hope for!



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