There were so many stories shared here in Beirut of God impacting people’s lives through KIDStory. The testimonies speak for themselves:
Eli went through the KIDStory training two years ago. He has been creating StoryClub environments in various settings:  Sunday morning in various churches, midweek clubs held in several of those churches and in settlement camps with Iraqi and Syrian refugees. God is working in amazing ways in the children’s lives.  Parents are commenting on how their children are coming home and teaching them the Bible stories and insisting that they come to church. Children’s attitudes and behaviors are changing and they are being obedient to what God’s Word is teaching them and to their parents.  Here is the testimony of a 5 year-old whose life is being transformed:
Rami is 5 years old and has not spoken a word.  He has gone through various therapies and counseling but still has not spoken.  The Sunday School teachers started using the KIDStory methodology in their teachings and after a while they noticed that Rami was beginning to create sounds and words. They attribute it to the reality of creating an environment where Rami felt special and attention was focused on him to share and he wanted to be part of what was happening in the group. God’s Word and Spirit is dramatically transforming a life!  The deaf shall hear, the blind will see and the mute shall talk!

But lives in the workshop were being transformed as well.  Here are some testimonies:
God told me several years ago that I was to start a Bible Club as an outreach for children.  I didn’t do it. I did not think I had the help necessary to make it happen. I came to this conference with some teen helpers that are involved with me in my church.  For two days they have been so attentive to what was happening and participating in all the activities. I saw them eagerly writing notes as you spoke. Teens just don’t do that!  They are so engaged. God reminded me of His plan to start a Bible Club and my disobedience in not doing so. No more excuses. He has given me the help I need.

My husband and I are scheduled to go to Syria to train children’s leaders and I keep finding all these excuses why it is not a good idea.  When you were telling the story of Jesus sending out the 12 disciples and He had given them His power and authority, it was like that power came over me.  All the fears, all the doubts, all the excuses are gone. I have a confidence in the Lord that I have not experienced before and I am excited to go and meet these leaders!

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