This Christian Primary School hosts 150 children from 1st to 5th grade, of these children 95% of them are from Muslim families. The KIDStory team in India has been running a StoryClub at this school for 8 years now, conducting the Storyclub every other week for an hour. The staff at the school provide a lot of Christian input to the children as well. Esther, the KIDStory teacher,  taught a lesson on love with the children, engaging a couple of kids to do an activity to show her point. In the first round of the activity, a girl came to the front of the room and dipped a sponge in a bucket of water once and then squeezed as much as she could into another container. She could fill very little into the other container. Then a boy was called to the front and given the direction to dip the sponge as many times as he liked into the bucket and then fill the container. This round the little boy was able to fill the other container to the top. Esther connected this activity to her lesson on love by comparing man’s love to God’s love.  Man’s love is limited and God’s love is unlimited – we can continually draw from it.

At the end of the class, a Muslim lady came and spoke to Esther –

“One of the boys in this Primary School has special needs. He has been suffering from frequent attack of seizures and was quite hyperactive. We noticed during our StoryClub time that this little boy thoroughly enjoys the singing, games and Bible stories. Over the past few months, he also seemed a lot calmer. We finished the StoryClub and the mother of the boy (a Muslim lady) who came to give the boy his lunch, met me and said ‘It’s  because of all your prayers my son is now doing so much better.’ She also said how the teachers in this Christian School had been such a help and her son was doing so much better in his health. She was really thankful for all the love her son received.”