New and upcoming churches in the city have a tendency to target youth as their outreach initiative. This is a great strategy because there is a strong response from the youth as they are looking for guidance.  The Awakening Ministries adopted this strategy as well. It was not long before they realized it was time to connect with the children in the community also. They took on this project but came to the conclusion they would need to be trained in children’s ministry to be effective. Pastor Joseph, the leader of the church, put together a workshop for the KIDStory team to train his staff. 
Pastor Joseph’s mother attended the whole day’s training and then told the team she had attended several trainings in the past and so wanted to see what this training was about but that was her only intent in attending the training. She then added that this was by far the best training she had attended and was immensely thankful to our team of trainers.
Despite the fact that the participants did not know participants from other churches, the level of interaction in the room was amazing. There was total involvement by all, and there was an air of excitement and enthusiasm in the room.
At the end of the day, Pastor Joseph was amazed at the number of people and the number of churches which showed up at the training. He expected 18 people, but there were 45 who attended.

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