Master Cares, MCCS,  started in 2014 with 78 students. At the start of the 2017 school year, the enrollment was over 500 students. The school design is to train leaders for the next generation offering an education with a biblical worldview. The strategy combines children leaders with children in poor families. This mixture gives children the opportunity to become leaders, regardless of their background. This allows the children to build long-term relationships while learning together. We believe to change a nation; you start by educating its children.

In the country of Uganda, The Master Cares has set up a network of leaders who are eager and willing to take up the Cross, follow Jesus, and work to build up their country. By giving the people the means by which they can build and develop their homes, they can partner with them to show them Jesus to truly transform communities and future generations.

Kids Around the World had the pleasure of partnering with MCCS to play as an additional resource in building relationships with children and families.