A year later a what a privilege to be back in Minya with 54 people, coming from 7 regional churches along with 2 ministries from Cairo.  Most are millennials (20’s into their early 30’s) bringing with them passion and a drive to make a difference in their world. They all have heard about KIDStory and how powerfully the Lord has been working in children’s lives.  They come with anticipation believing what they have heard will also be true for them.
What has taken place in the last year is a testimony to God’s amazing work. Last year the KIDStory team started one StoryClub, that has multiplied into 37! There was one leader for the one StoryClub, this number has grown to over 135 leaders! The first club started with 30 children but now this number has grown to 850 children!
What will happen when these 54 leaders are unleashed and go back to their communities and raise up more leaders to start more StoryClubs?!!  It will be way beyond what we ever could imagine or hope for!