Last Friday our OneMeal staff in California received a call from a middle schooler named Aiza, she expressed that her two classmates and her wanted to pack as many meals as they could in an hour for a school project. The group had a short deadline of Monday morning to finish their project and present it to their history class.

Saturday morning, Rich from our KATW OneMeal staff and his 3-yr-old son helped the girls achieve their school project by packing nutritious meals to help kids in need. The girls have big hearts for those suffering from food scarcity and were very excited about the opportunity to make a big impact on those in need. The girls packed an entire box worth of meals, enough meals to feed a child for an entire school year! The girls also took a couple of meal packets with them to share with their class at school.  

Meal packing for a class homework assignment may be a first for the OneMeal team. OneMeal events are scalable to fit your group and your desire to serve.


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