Diego shares KIDStory with the children at his church but also in devotions with his family at home. He shared the most amazing story of his son’s recognition of Jesus and the love He has for them.

This is Diego’s story.

“Of course, one of the most impacted children is one of our own. We have the habit of doing devotions together as a family. One night we made a KIDStory devotion of Jesus’ baptism. Our younger son, Simon, showed a lot of emotion when we were asking the questions about the Bible story and in the end, he asked us, “Can I be baptized?” Our hearts were filled with emotion because we did not expect him to ask us for this. We explained everything to them and that night Simon made the decision to receive Jesus! Usually, when we pray, our children are distracted and play, but that night Simon fell on his knees without us asking and he prayed. In the end, he embraced us with an intensity.

Andres, our older son, was serious the whole time; it seemed as if he was analyzing what was happening. I asked him: “Son what do you think about the decision that Simon made?” He replied: “I’m happy for him, but I’m not ready to take it yet because I know that tomorrow I’ll fight with him again and continue making mistakes.”

Wow! For us, it was an opportunity to explain that Jesus is not waiting for us to be perfect so that we can receive him. He continued to take it all so seriously. At the end of the prayer, he told us that he wanted to be baptized.

We went to church to ask if our children could be baptized, but the next baptisms would not be for three months. So we went to talk to a Christ for the Nations Institute (CFNI) teacher and she said that she would baptize them at the CFNI gym as soon as possible. The most beautiful thing is that the teacher went to tell her children about the desire from Andres and Simon to be baptized and their children asked if they could be baptized as well!