Following a two dayKIDStory workshop in India, the recently trained KIDStory leaders were told to go and share what they had learned. before they went their separate directions a few participants shared about their experience at the workshop

Two attendees shared their experience with KIDStory:

Baby Stella, Sunday School Teacher

“I teach Senior boys in Sunday School.  Usually after the general session is over, the entire gang of boys will go missing. They will come back in their own time and then ask for a break again.  I also noticed that even though they were physically present in class they were mentally distracted and absent. If we asked any questions they would say that they either didn’t hear or didn’t understand. It has always been very challenging to reach this group of boys. Today we had a combined class with boys and girls and we used the opening and background methods.  We got very good response. We were really happy. Most of the topics given to us are those that are applicable for adults. For example we had a topic ‘Holiness in thought,’ which we thought was quite tough to teach children. After we used the KIDStory format to run this lesson, we found it was so easy to convey to the students and they even wrote the answers on sheets and gave it back to us.  I was also so much encouraged by the teaching on Multiple Intelligence. It has really helped me to see and understand the children in very different light. I really thank the Lord for the Trainers because through them the Lord has motivated and blessed our entire team.”

Beulah,  Sunday School Teacher

“I teach children both in the Sunday School (Beginners) and also in our outreach area.  Usually, we used to have a game and a lesson but they would have no connection. Through this training, I learned how we can actually relate the game, story and bring it to a good conclusion.  I used a little blind-folding game for children as an opening for the lesson. In my outreach class I used balloons for Retell, and at the Sunday School I distributed some soft candies and had a game for the Beginner children.  The challenge was, whoever could eat the candy first could start the story. The children Retold the story so enthusiastically. We used the questions in our Outreach class. Generally, they won’t give any answers. Yesterday when I asked them a question on the story of Samuel “Why did the Lord speak to Samuel and not to Eli directly?” the children replied ‘It was because the complaint was about Eli and his children, how could God tell that to Eli, He had to tell this to Samuel only.’ These kind of responses were new and also so beneficial to me.”

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