Following a two dayKIDStory workshop in India, the recently trained KIDStory leaders were told to go and share what they had learned. before they went their separate directions a few participants shared about their experience at the workshop

Two attendees shared their experience with KIDStory:

Blessy, Language Trainer

“The children in the School I work with are very tough to handle.  If handling children in Sunday School is difficult it is a greater challenge to deal with children in a School set up. Each one is so different and they sometimes stress me a lot.  There is a particular group in 6th grade who are very difficult to deal with, that no teacher will want to go to that class.  At this training, I learned about how children have multiple intelligences and so I really believe I can execute this and deal with children differently.  I have only 4 children in my class in Sunday School. All of them are hyperactive and have very less attention span. This Sunday after the training they were very receptive and we did a Retell game which they enjoyed and also were able to Retell the story very accurately.  I believe that in future I will be able to give my best to the class I teach.”

Sundari, Sunday School Teacher

“I teach kids who are in the first grade.  I used the story telling method that was taught at the training.  I also used questions and children answered very well. When it came to teaching memory verse, I used actions and a child who never spoke earlier, repeated the verse very accurately.”