Following a two dayKIDStory workshop in India, the recently trained KIDStory leaders were told to go and share what they had learned. before they went their separate directions a few participants shared about their experience at the workshop

Two attendees shared their experience with KIDStory:

Jhansi, Sunday School Teacher

“I really did not know how to tell a story well.  I liked the teaching at the training that when we tell the story to the children we must remain true to the Bible but also be creative in the way we teach. I learned how to teach children using games and also how to handle a class when there are many children.  I had no opportunity to teach this week, but will do so next Sunday.”

Sunday School Teacher

“Most of the lessons we taught were based on animals and we never used to use Bible stories because we thought the children won’t be able to understand. Today we used a Bible story and showed a video and the children listened very well and they really enjoyed the story too.”