Following a two dayKIDStory workshop in India, the recently trained KIDStory leaders were told to go and share what they had learned. before they went their separate directions a few participants shared about their experience at the workshop

Two Sunday school teachers shared their experience with KIDStory:

Rani, Sunday School Teacher

“Today we used the KIDStory method and taught. We taught the lesson Peter and John healing the crippled man. We told them the story as it was in the Bible and also told the children to try to do that.  In the retell, they were actually able to do that perfectly. We did the retell through a game. When we asked the children how they enjoyed the class today as compared to other days, they said usually it would be a bit boring on other days but today we actually enjoyed the class.”

Tabitha, Sunday Class to Home from Vellore

“She has a Sunday School class at her home. They have a varied group from pre-Schoolers till those in 10th grade. I always thought that children couldn’t retell the story.  Yesterday, I understood from the lesson I taught that we can use different methods for different children.  I realized that we can use various methods for the various age groups of children. As we run a tuition center, I get to meet the parents too.  Yesterday, I even counseled the parents on how they need to be careful with the kind of words they speak to the children. Thank you.”