This is Ambar. In 2017 she attended our KIDStory Workshop at 12 years old. Today she is leading a StoryClub at 14 years old.

This is her testimony from last week at the KIDStory follow-up event in her area.

“I had just begun working with the children in my church because my pastor asked me to help when I heard about the workshop that was coming. I said, “Great, God has provided for me because I do not know how to teach the class.” At the workshop I learned how to teach the children, how to maintain their attention, and most of all, the message we need to share with them. So the next day, after the workshop, I decided to put into practice what I had learned. I choose a story and told it. I quickly saw that the children could understand the meaning. I saw that even with the little materials I had God could use me to share His Story. I did not need lots of materials to give the lesson. I can use a rock, a stick, or whatever is available. “

KIDStory equips children to share God’s Story effectively with other children.