Following a two dayKIDStory workshop in India, the recently trained KIDStory leaders were told to go and share what they had learned. before they went their separate directions a few participants shared about their experience at the workshop

A few of the participants shared their experience with KIDStory:

Alphonse, Sunday School Teacher

“I teach children who are in 7th to 9th grade. We have a few girls and mostly boys. I found it a big challenge to teach these children as they always seemed so distracted and I felt I was just doing a duty.  Very often I couldn’t even get through the story in a proper way. But after I attended the training, I understood that we have to understand the personality of each child. I found every aspect of the training very useful.  We taught the lesson on Peter healing the crippled man. I couldn’t complete the question part as the class time was already over. The children listened very well. Even though we prepared yesterday evening I was a bit apprehensive this morning, but I really found the method very useful. I was able to teach the lesson very well and the children were so attentive.  I found this training very beneficial to me.”

Glory and Celcia Sunday School Teachers

“Usually I have to keep scolding the children just to make them listen to me. They are usually quite inattentive. I understood that every child is uniquely gifted and have different bits of intelligence. I used all the children and told the story of Samuel.  They really enjoyed the story so much. The children usually want the class to be over soon but today they didn’t even mind the length of the class as they were so involved.

It has always been a challenge to make the children sit and listen even for 10 minutes but today we were very well prepared.  We started off with a game and everything was related to the lesson. The children really enjoyed and were totally engaged in the class.”


“I attended the training from Saturday only.  I learned so much. I really enjoyed the games.  I had a feeling that I was in a VBS Class. I am not yet a teacher in the Sunday School, but I really want to teach Sunday School very soon.”