The morning KIDStory session in Uganda started in a typical way with the story of Jesus Blessing the Children but then the KIDStory leader felt led to ask the question:  What angers God about how the children are stopped from coming to Him?  People started sharing all the horrific things that are happening in their communities from prostitution to abuse to babies being left in the streets in plastic bags to actually being sacrificed. These responses brought the leader to tears.  Eventually, you could hear a pin drop in the room. God was there and working in each of our hearts. It moved the group to serve Him more to bring His transforming hope to them.

During the last session, James, a participant from Tanzania, shared a prayer request about life in Zanzibar.  As a child he lived a very solitary life as he was shunned by a community that is 97% Muslim. The persecution is intense: pastors being killed, churches being burned to the ground and more. Yet through it all, his faith remains strong. God’s presence in him is like the burning bush that Moses experienced – it is burning yet not burning out; it is drawing others to come and experience Christ. Everyone was in tears. What a privilege to have the presence of one so young, yet so strong in his faith.